1. Texas Girls Collaborative Project – This is a really amazing resource that I found this past week that helps connect educators to other educators via the topic of STEM. While the focus of the organization is on Girls in STEM (which I love!) the organization seems like a great way to meet and connect with other STEM educators. Though I love my STEM cohort through Arcadia, I am constantly looking for new connections in the STEM field and this seems like a really great place to start!
  2. ITEEA Stem Connections – This is a newsletter that I just discovered and signed up for last week. This newsletter, run by ITEEA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association) discusses all things STEM, and since its an international organization I will get to hear about STEM all over the world. I really like this idea because other countries are often doing more to enhance the STEM curriculum than those in the US. I am excited to get this newsletter as often as it is published to continue making connections to how others are teaching and using STEM in the classroom.
  3. RockStar Math Teacher – My classmate Linsa posted this really cool link to a blog that has a lesson plan where students learn math by creating a theme park. I absolutely love this idea and have contacted the writer of the blog to get more information and tools from her. What a really cool and interactive way to make Math fun! While the concepts covered are a bit sophisticated for my 5th grade students, I really like how the blogger (Rock Start Math Teacher) used the Socrative method to facilitate her students’ learning. A very neat project indeed!
  4. MaST Build It Center – Another classmate of mine, Tosch, posted this link to his blog last week. MaST is a charter school in Philadelphia that, despite having a majority of economically disadvantged students, still manages to embrace STEM. I love how the school has created a “Build it Center” for students as young as kindergarten to use. I have already sent an e-mail to several administrators at the school to see how they are utilizing the “Build It Center” and get some ideas about how I could better utilize the Makerspace that is in my own building. I can’t wait to to hear back from the school and continue to make connections to others who share the same passion as me!
  5. Pennsylvania STEMx Network – This is a really cool organization that is designed speficially for Pennsylvania educators. The network is connected to more than 19 other states that also share in the same mission of STEM education. I am excited to explore this site more and see how I can best use it as a STEM educator in Pennsylvania.