1. Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch – I love the idea of Makerspaces and incorporating them into the curriculum. We actually started a Makerspace at my elementary school last year as part of a STEM initiative. I found the following article really helpful in getting started with the whole overwhelming process.

2. How to Ensure that Making Leads to Learning – One of my biggest problems with getting teachers in my building to actually use with Makerspaces is ensuring the teachers that Makerspaces are actually useful and purposeful and that real learning goes on when students are working. Here is a great article that I found and have used with fellow teachers to explain to them how useful Makerspaces can be!

3. Makerspace.com – This is another website I use all the time to help me figure out what to do with our school’s Makerspace and how I can use it most effectively. Many of the ideas on the site can be adapted for even the youngest of students!

4. Cynwyd5thGrade – This is a Twitter account from a grade level in my district that inspires me everyday to create and make. I know the two teachers who run the Twitter account are so innovative and creative and they make such good use of their makerspace materials. I continually check their Twitter account to see what cool new projects they have going on and I am always amazed at how they get their students engaged and excited about making each day.

5. Karen Salladino – This is another Twitter account that I follow on a regular basis. The math teacher behind this account continually tweets about different ways to engage students in mathematical practices and make learning math practical. Karen follows and retweets some really interesting articles and ideas about making in the classroom and I found so many great resources through her account that I felt it necessary to share her account as a resource for others!