Now that the week has officially wrapped up and I am heading in to a snow day tomorrow (what a nice treat!) I saw this time as fit to take a chance to look at some of the work my colleagues have done over the past week with their map journeys. I was excited to see what my peers had discovered so here we go!

1.) I thought Samantha Kelly’s map (done on a paper napkin) was both simple yet complex at the very same time. While a paper napkin may seem like a throw away, just a scratch paper to jot ideas on, I find that sometimes that is where we do our best work. When we are on the fly and we feel inspiration hit us, sometimes it is best to find whatever it is we have available as a writing space to record our thoughts. While the paper napkin map was fairly simple, it was a powerful reminder to stop in the moment and reflect, even if we may not have the formal tools to do so!

2. Another map I found really interesting was Jennifer Hartman’s. I am a very linear person and learner and thus I thought Jennifer’s idea of putting her map into a Prezi reflected well on the learning process that I often go through. I was excited to look at her Prezi because the medium immediately made me feel comfortable. However in seeing the non-linear way that she presented her ideas, I also felt that I was pushed out of my comfort zone for a moment and forced to think of Prezi not as a linear device, but one rather that can connect ideas together in a complex web.

3. Eric L. also did a very interesting map in that he did a GoogleSlides presentation using just pictures to represent his journey I am not usually a visual person so I liked that Eric included a brief description of each image and what it meant to him as a learner. One of the most important things I think Eric said about his journey was, “Students of any sort can and will learn from (and with) each other.  Sometimes as a teacher it is necessary to step back and allow for authentic interactions between learners.  (Collaboration can be fun!)” I think this is a really interesting notion and one that is hard to grapple with. While I wholeheartedly agree with Eric’s assessment, I still struggle sometimes to take a backseat as the teacher and allow my students to guide each other’s and their own learning.

4. I love how everyone in class looked at and interpreted this map assignment a bit differently. While I saw this assignment as my journey as a learner in this class, I thought it was cool that my classmate Jamie looked at her map more as a holistic learner. I liked that her map incorporated her journey outside of this one course as it made me feel like I understood her background and where she was coming from more after seeing her map. Great job Jamie!

5. Finally, my classmate Linsa introduced me to a really cool app called LifePinner. In this app, Linsa describes it as an app that “lets you pin and track cities that you’ve traveled to and create your own City Guides. You can also create a bucket list of cities that you want to visit.” I will say that I almost immediately downloaded the app and played for about a half hour on it (it’s amazing what play can do to free your mind!) before remembering that I had a task I was supposed to accomplish, which was completing this assignment. Like Jamie I thought Linsa’s take on “journey” was very interesting as it was so different from my own. I love seeing what others come up with when they are giving an open-ended assignment such as this and I think it really opens up great channels for discussion and learning among peers!


Great work this week guys! I love learning from each and every one of you so far this semester and I look forward to continuing this journey together! Happy Spring Break!